Raw Triple Flip Bamboo Rolling Tray

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Product Overview

With 3 panels and extraordinarily strong magnetic connections, this triple flip bamboo rolling tray from RAW is simply the best that you can get! Offering you plenty of space to roll and enjoy your smokes with, you have the choice to use this tray altogether or with each separate panel, making it easy to roll like a master or with friends. High-quality bamboo wood is beautifully crafted to make this tray.

Large Triple Flip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray with Integrated Ashtray
Locking Magnetic System with Eight Different Configurations.
Beautiful Bamboo Craftsmanship that is Durable.
Rolling Tray | Contain all your smoking accessories and residue inside this tray
Bamboo | Made from bamboo known for being durable and sturdy while lightweight
Handy | Perfect for your rolling needs to keep your house or desk clean, very easy maintenance
Dimensions | 16″ x 10″ x 2'

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