Buddies Bump Box For King Size 34 Filler

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Product Overview

The Buddies Bump Box Cone Filling Machine allows you to roll 34 pre-rolled cones at once. It’s great for saving time, and is ideal for businesses and individuals needing to roll a larger amount of cones.



Comes with 2 pokers
Light weight - Made of foam
Works with 1-1/4" Size Pre Rolled Cones
Rolls 34 Cones at a time
Saves so much time!



Insert your cones into each slot
Grind up your herbs
Gradually spread grounds all over the openings
Tap the sides of the Bump Box and use one of the pokers to gently tamper down the grounds
Put the Bump Box on top of it's lid and watch the cones raise a couple centimeters out of the slots so you can easily pull out each cone

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